La Conquistadora

The tale of the venerable Father Francisco Geronimo and a blessed 17th century wooden carved statue that has survived fires, revolution and continues to inspire millions of people is reinvented in this remarkable song by Hector Saldana. “La Conquistadora” was filmed at the ruins of the old Hot Wells Hotel, a mysterious historic site on San Antonio’s South Side. Movie stars and presidents played there. The track features Van Baines on Spanish guitar, Tex-Mex legend Augie Meyers on his “magic box” Vox organ and accordion and David Saldana adding a happy tambourine hook. John Aiello, publisher and editor of The Electric Review put it his way about the classy, full-color music video: “Wonderful, straight-on shots bring back the original brilliance of the MTV age before it became so mod. However, this cut stands out. The writing is extremely good and recalls some of what Dylan did in his ‘Blonde On Blonde’ and ‘Desire’ phase with the layers and literate imagery. Tremendous job.”