Christmas Time

The Krayolas “Christmas Time” music video debuted nationally on ABC-TV’s “America Rocks” in 1982. Singer Hector Saldana wrote the song for his son’s first Christmas in 1979. The Krayolas recorded “Christmas Time” at Charlie Bickley Studio in Houston, Texas in 1980, and it was rushed out as 45 r.p.m. vinyl single after John Lennon was murdered that December as a tribute to the band’s favorite Beatle. “Christmas Time” director Victor “Lee” Blaine was a Trinity University film school graduate and a huge fan of the band. He created the story board for the one-day music video shoot. Charles Lowe scored the string arrangement and acclaimed pianist Ezra Charles aka Charles Helpenstill (inventor of the Helpenstill piano pickup) played on the original recording session. Hector Saldana’s two sons, Jason and Nick, appear in the video. That’s two-year-old Nicky making his acting debut popping out of the trash bin. He gets all the chicks.