The Krayolas release a new EP, “Saldana Bros.” and a new single, “Maybe I Know.”

Atmospheric organ, stinging guitar, punchy singing, hard-charging rhythms . . . and the most unlikely (‘The Murder at the Taco Land’) character story song akin to something you’d find on an early Bruce Springsteen album.

Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press

Written by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, “Maybe I Know” is sparking interest among DJs at Little Steven’s Underground Garage on Sirius XM. The new EP includes “The Murder at the Taco Land,” “Baby I Was Wrong,” “Sometimes the Bridesmaid, Sometimes the Bride” and “El Cucuy.” “Saldana Bros.” is available for download on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, and more. Stay tuned for Volume 2, due later this spring.