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  • Shakin All Over music video

    Shakin’ All Over

    Music video "These three guys have what it takes to turn a club into a beery, brawling frat party. As…
  • Enrique Lopetegui, San Antonio Current

    Web link: "This is the new millennium, dammit, and the Krayolas reinvented themselves!" 
  • Alex Rawls, Offbeat Magazine

    Web link: "For those who prefer their Christmas music as nostalgia-free as is manageable, San Antonio&#3...
  • Michael Simmons, Rock’s Back Pages Top Albums 2011

    Web link: Michael Simmons' Top 10 Albums by Artists Over 50 1 Jake and the rest of the Jewels:…
  • Richard Guerrero, Corpus Christi Caller-Times

    Web link: "The Krayolas keep it loose and AM Gold circa 1969 on their set. Check out 'Gonna Walk…
  • Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle

    Web link: "'Mexified' is the right word here . . . a Doug Sahm-like strength that not only crosses…
  • Roberto Ontiveros, San Antonio Current

    Web link: "The Krayolas' sound is open and eclectic, at turns traditional and progr...
  • Carl Abernathy, Cahl’s Juke Joint

    Web link: "One of the best releases of the year . . . 'Tipsy Topsy Turvy' has some of…
  • Aaron Kupferberg,

    Web link: "The Krayolas Mexican Merseybeat continue to impress with 'Tipsy Topsy Turvy.' Hector Saldana turns up the dial…
  • ‘Rebel’ Rod Ames, Under the Basement

    Web link: "The Krayolas just may be the 'Mexified' version of Bob Dylan . . . the people's band…